If you’re tired of renting an apartment in the city and could use more space, consider looking for a farmhouse rental outside of town. As rural populations age, there are more property owners with homes outside the city who need to get a renter into their farmhouse to keep an eye on the place. In addition to enjoying more space and less population congestion, you may have access to ground where you can plant a small garden or even keep chickens for eggs and meat. Finally, if you’ve been denied the chance to have a pet because of apartment restrictions, farm owners may be more flexible.

Can I just rent the farm house? There are many rental instances where farmers have already rented out the ground around their home and just need someone in the house. As farmers age, they may lose the ability to work on their own ground. If you’re just looking for a house to rent, keep an eye out for auction notices. If a farmer is auctioning off equipment, it’s a good sign that they plan to rent out their ground and may be interested in getting a renter into the home on the property as well.